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Meet George!

Hi, I’m George of byGeorge901. I am a proud Memphian and lover of BBQ, blues music, and life in the South. In 2016, I left the corporate world after 28 years as a computer geek to become the chief sawdust officer of my own business. Since then woodworking has been my full-time work.

In the beginning, I made a ton of puzzles – everything from mythical dragons to wooden jigsaw puzzles of local icons like Aretha Franklin and Johnny Cash. I also made a lot of cutting boards, custom shelves, and other smallish items that allowed me to hone my skills, master attention to detail, and focus on delivering great quality.

By 2020 my business had grown to the point that I added some new tools to my shop, enabling me to expand my product offerings. Having a couple of CNC machines and a laser have allowed me to combine my years of computer experience with my love of woodworking.

I derive so much satisfaction working with a client to realize their vision. I created a military plaque for a client who placed a second order for a custom shelf to display a stein acquired during his service in Germany. I made a drop-leaf table from the wood of a walnut tree that my client played under as a child. Imagine my delight when his siblings requested another one for the home on the family farm. I have created large wall emblems for several local firehouses, a wall plaque for the Mayor of Shelby County, and logo signs for several businesses. One rewarding project was to design and produce several hundred Christmas ornaments for LeBonheur Children’s Hospital gift shop.

Woodworking affords me the opportunity to provide my clients with a level of quality that can only come from something handmade. Each creation is unique. No one else will have exactly the same item as yours. Let me make a one-of-a-kind creation for you.

Thank you for supporting small businesses like mine!

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